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Elektryczny pilnik do paznokci dla dzieci Valencia

6 different heads for the whole family
The fi le comes with 6 different interchangeable heads to quickly, easily, and safely file the delicate nails of the baby and adapt to the needs of the entire family. It has 4 heads that are suitable for the little ones’ nails, with varying roughness (ultrafine, fine, medium, and coarse). And two for adults (polishing and shining). The heads are easily interchangeable.

2 speeds
It has two speeds (high and low) to accommodate all families and file the nails gently.

Thanks to the safety auto-off function, you can file your baby’s nails on both hands and feet with peace of mind.

Perfect for on-the-go
The Miniland file is perfect to take with you everywhere, as it is small and compact, and includes a case where you can store both the file and its heads so you can always have it on hand.

Quiet motor
Thanks to its quiet motor, you can file your baby’s nails without the need to wake them up.

Ergonomic and easy to use
Designed for the delicate and fine nails of babies, it allows you to file the nails quickly and easily.

A carefully designed collection to accompany your baby in the first months of life.
Miniland’s new collection of accessories for infant feeding and baby care exudes a warm and pleasant atmosphere, very much inspired on our land. Its motifs transport us to a dreamy life in the countryside where leaves, light, citrus fruits, serenity, and family are part of everyday life.
When you have a baby, time fl ies, and that’s why it’s important to fi nd ways and time to spend with them. It’s those family moments that fulfi ll our lives and that we cherish as time goes by: feeding your baby their porridge, accompanying them during complementary feeding, taking them for a walk, having an outdoor picnic together, or staying by their side when they’re unwell.
Within this collection, you will fi nd thermoses for liquids and solids, insulated covers to carry the thermoses anywhere, thermal bottle with a teat, hermetic containers set to organize their meals, as well as sets of anatomical and evolutionary cutlery. It also includes pacifi er holders, a cover for health documents and documents holder, a baby care kit, and an easy-to-use thermometer kit for all situations.

age: 0-8y

colour: biały

material: polipropylen

total weight of product with package: 0.16kg

EAN: 8413082896089

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