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age: 3y-8y

child's weight: 0-50kg

colour: żółto-czarny

product dimensions (cm): width 46 x height 21 x length/depth 31

product weight after unpacking: 1.7kg

total weight of product with package: 2.28kg

EAN: 5055192200443

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Trunki Bernard Bee Ride on Suitcase Product Description

The Trunki Bernard Bee is the perfect hand luggage for your child to take with you on holiday. With a capacity of 18 litres it offers plenty of room to store your childs toys as well as being stable enough for your child to ride on.

The suitcase comes in a bright yellow and black bee design and has additional features to keep your child engaged. There is a detachable shoulder strap, which can be used for carrying the Trunki or also for towing your child along. It also comes with a Trunki passport which allows your child to download stickers via the internet.
The suitcase comes complete with secret compartments, elasticated straps, an ID tag and also a carry handle.

Features and Benefits of Trunki Bernard Bee Ride on Suitcase

  • Comes in a yellow and black bee design
  • World's first ride on kids suitcase
  • Teaches your child to take ownership of their belongings
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Suitable for age 3+, maximum of 50kgs
  • Rubber trim around the inside of the case
  • Grab handle
  • Hand luggage size
  • 18 litre capacity
  • Key and ID tag integral in brightly coloured strap
  • Comes complete with secret compartments, elasticated straps and a carry handle



  1.  18 litres capacity - lots of space to pack toys and games.
  2. Secure lockable catches - keep favourite possessions safe inside for the ride.
  3. Lightweight and durable - the same high-quality plastic as grown-up cases
  4. Comfy saddle - rest tired legs in queues and you'll never hear my feet hurt again
  5. Horn grips for stability - grab the horns to steer your Trunki
  6. Tow strap with key - to make sure your contents are secure and never get lost
  7. Carry handle - easy to grab for a departure gate dash
  8. Soft rubber trim - to protect little fingers while packing
  9. Internal pocket - keep treasures inside for easy access
  10. Teddy bear seatbelts - keep teddy safe with his very own seatbelt

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