ELOU 3D Owl Puzzle

symbol: EL-810326

ELOU 3D Owl Puzzle

Cork is a buoyant, light brown, natural substance, obtained from the outer layer of the cork oak.

It is the main component of elou toys. 100% natural. 100% Portuguese.
A hypoallergenic material, compatible with all stages of child development, whose main attributes lie in its soft texture, lightness and shock resistance and absorption properties.

One of the primary purposes of our games is to create a bond between children and nature. Thus, this animal-themed game uses the sheep’s silhouette to teach children about its anatomy, increasing proportionality perception, three-dimensional awareness and spatial organization, while fomenting the development of the toddler’s hand-eye coordination. 

age: 18m+

product dimensions (cm): width 19 x height 4 x length/depth 22

product weight after unpacking: 0.217kg

total weight of product with package: 0.301kg

EAN: 5600335810326

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