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Watch out for the waves crashing over! Create your own ocean with the 25 pieces of hard plastic Popbo Blocs, a seahorse and a pufferfish soft plastic figurines and role-playing game cards. The marine expert gets to create his own underwater world.


1. Activity develops: gross motor

Objective: Gross motor skills training - twisting

Method: Link any two of the pieces together. Encourage children to twist them in opposite directions.




2. Activity develops: sensory fine motor creative self-esteem

Objective: Eye hand coordination training - stacking

Method: Encourage children to stack the blocks.






3. Activity develops: fine motor gross motor logical

Objective: Cognitive training - sorting

Method: Encourage children to sort the blocks into five different groups.




1. Activity develops: fine motor creative self-esteem

Objective: Eye hand coordination - creating props

Method: Encourage children to create backdrops and props using the paper cut-outs that come with the Popbo Blocs sets.




2. Activity develops: creative linguistic self-esteem

Objective: Creative thinking training - Making up stories

Method: Encourage children to use the blocks, paper props and their imagination to come up with fun stories.




3. Activity develops: creative self-esteem

Objective: Construction training - building with other Popbo Blocs

Method: Hard plastic and soft plastic Popbo Blocs sets are all compatible. Children can combine different sets to build new and interesting configurations. (Note: Other Popbo Blocs are sold separately)


age: 12m+

colour: wielokolorowy

product weight after unpacking: 0.381kg

total weight of product with package: 0.753kg

EAN: 4892493107948

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