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Dreambaby® Corner Protectors help prevent cuts and scratches from top and bottom of sharp corners. Ideal for tables, desks, book shelves, nightstands, etc. Can be used on the bottom (A) of a corner, on the top (B) or both (C).

To Apply:
1. Decide whether a single Corner Protector is sufficient protection for corner (either on the top or the bottom), or whether two are required, one for top and bottom.
2. Wash protectors in warm soapy water and dry well before using.
3. Clean off any wax, polish or oil from the furniture corner.
4. Peel off backing from one side of enclosed double sided tape and apply to flat side of Protector. Press the protector firmly onto the corner.
5. If using two protectors these may overlap.
6. For additional strength, use “neutral cure silicone” (not included) to fix protectors into place.

age: 0+

colour: transparentny

product weight after unpacking: 0.04kg

total weight of product with package: 0.048kg

EAN: 9312742991630

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